PUBG Mobile UC (Android, IOS) - PUBG Mobile Key
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PUBG Mobile UC (Android, IOS) - PUBG Mobile Key

  • PUBG Mobile 60 UC
  • PUBG Mobile 325 UC
  • PUBG Mobile 600 + 60 UC
  • PUBG Mobile 1500 + 300 UC
  • PUBG Mobile 3000 + 850 UC
  • PUBG Mobile 6000 + 2100 UC
  • PUBG Mobile 12000+4200 UC
  • PUBG Mobile 18000+6300 UC
  • PUBG Mobile 24000+8400 UC
  • PUBG Mobile 30000 + 10500 UC

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PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), which stands for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, has been a worldwide phenomenon for quite some time. When it comes to the gaming industry, it gained extreme popularity throughout the community of gamers thanks to its battle royale gameplay. Following the success of the pc version, the developers decided to produce a mobile version of PUBG. In 2018 Tencent games released the PUBG Corporation game designed for mobile devices with operating systems such as Android or iOS. The game is free to play, as the player can easily download it from the store on their phone. However, there are optional payments that can make the player love the game even more!

PUBG Mobile

Battle Royale in your pocket!

Undoubtedly, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds can be considered as one of the best mobile games on the market thanks to its everlasting action and how successfully it has been ported onto mobile devices. Challenge awaits in a battle royale style game with 100 players fighting for loot on the map, as well as their lives. Those gripping aspects of the game, such as shooting, looting and surviving, never seem to disappoint - even the most devoted veterans of the genre love the game.

Make the game your own experience!

PUBG allows its players to enhance their experience of the game through purchasable in-game items, which will enable the player to customise the looks of characters, weapons, parachutes and loot crates. There is nothing to fear, though, as all those in-game purchases will not be influential in the gameplay aspect - no pay to win! Hence by buying UC 60 redeem code for PUBG Mobile, the player will only reap benefits!

Benefits of the UC code

Third-person shooter games like PUBG usually involve facing the back of the player's character for hours and hours, which might get repetitive after some time. With the purchase of the UC 600 60 redeem code, the player can alter how the game looks. There are plenty of skins for weapons or avatars to choose from to make the game more of a personal experience

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